SASE Celebration @ UH

Attention one and all! It’s the annual SASE Spirit Week this week and you are all invited to celebrate with us!

SASE Spirit Week is all about promoting regional collaboration, celebrating the wonderful diversity we have on campus, and providing many opportunities for members to make contributions to our community.

Here are the days and events for this week!

Monday 11/7: SASE Spirit Day
Wear your SASE shirts and post on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #SASESpiritWeek2016 #SASETurns9 #SASESpiritSouth#SASEUH

Tuesday 11/8: SASE Turns 9!
Happy Birthday, SASE! Come to our SASE office (Engineering Bldg. 1 Room 103D) to sign our card and get a sweet cupcake!

Wednesday 11/9: Professional Development Day
This is going to be a shout out to our Mentors and Mentees! Take a picture with your mentor/mentee or with one of our officers then post the picture on social media with the same hashtags!

Thursday 11/10: Cultural Awareness Day
Cultural Game Night at the Engineering Pit! Be there or be square!

Friday 11/11: Red Friday
You know the drill! Every Friday, we wear red. This day is no exception so be sure to dec out in UH swag and post on social media with the same hashtags!

Saturday & Sunday 11/12-11/13: Community Service Weekend
Give back to the community! This is a great chance for you to take part in some volunteering and putting some smiles on other people’s faces!

This is your chance to show how much you love SASE, so don’t miss this a single day this week! We look forward to seeing all the ideas you guys have in store! Have fun! We know we will!

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