Out of the Darkness

Hello Everyone,

Please sign up and join if you are interested in helping spread awareness for suicide prevention. Suicide is an important and understated issue that many people are too afraid to talk about. By joining the walk you are showing your compassion and inviting people to come out and speak on what they are facing.

“Join The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and UH Wellness for the annual Out of the Darkness Campus Walk, a charity fundraising walk to help raise awareness and prevent suicide for those dealing with mental health disorders.”

Please consider walking with SASE or donating for the cause of Suicide Prevention. If you are interested in helping out the link to the SASE UH team page is here. 

Thank you for reading and any support is greatly appreciated!

When: April 2nd (Sun), 10AM-2PM
Where: Lynn Eusan Park

You will not regret trying to make a difference by just lending your ear to those in need.

Thank you, we hope that you can be there in person or by donating to the cause.

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