Build-A-Bot IEEE & SASE

IEEE and SASE is collaborating to bring Build-a-Bot for y’all to learn robotics and coding. You will all learn how to build and program a simple robot. This is amazing event for you to learn new skills and meet new people.

Link to the Driver Codes: Click here

No experience is necessary, we want people of all majors and classifications to participate. DO NOT worry if you don’t have experience, we will have student and professional facilitators at the event to guide you on the journey. For those looking for a challenge. One of our sponsors, Texas Instruments, will be providing a special kit for you.

What you’ll gain:
Resume Builder (Team Building, Robotic Design, Programming)

flyer printable size.jpg
If you want the chance to win prizes, shirts, and giveaways then come on out April 6th at 12PM – 5PM Social Work 101

For more questions please email me at or Denny at or by filling out the form:

We will also need volunteers so please sign up:

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