SASE National Conference 2020

SASE National Conference will be held online this year!

Collegiate Track Date: October 9th-10th, 2020

Career Fair Date: October 16th-17th, 2020

The SASE National Conference and STEM Career Fair fulfills SASE’s mission to advance personal growth and careers for Asian heritage students and professionals in the engineering and science fields. Attendance was over 1,800 students and professionals. SASE will host a virtual career fair with over 70 recruiting companies and government organizations with many job and career opportunities available. Last year, sponsoring companies included P&G, GE, ITW, Toyota, Booz Allen Hamilton and Shell to name a few with more recruiting companies. Join the best and brightest Asian heritage scientists and engineers at the largest Asian career fair in North America. Find opportunities and explore options to advance education, careers, and industries.

Why Should Members Attend:

  • Professional Development: The conference will feature a full day of workshops, panels and speakers all focused on the interests of Asian heritage students and professionals.
  • Career Opportunities and Jobs: The conference features a large number of employers who want to recruit and hire Asian heritage students and professionals.
  • Networking: Meet other Asian heritage students and professionals in a rich networking opportunity with a whole lot of fun.
  • All paid SASE members will be able to attend National Conference for FREE!
  • And the best of all, you can attend SASE NC2020 at the comfort of your own space!

Dress Code: We would recommend you to have Business Related Attire on as some companies or recruiters might request a live meeting with a camera to be on. There are also some events where you might want to show yourself when asking questions or participating in virtual events. Make sure to have a notepad and something to write with in front of you to take notes or write down questions you would like to ask.

Register for Nationals

SASE paid members will get FREE admission to both the National Conference and the career fair!

Register to become a member by Monday, September 28 to have all registration fees covered!

For more information, visit the SASE National Conference Website: SASENC2020 website

Please Fill Out the Form Below if you are interested in attending SASE National Conference 2020.

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