Weekly Socials


We are now beginning our new weekly Discord socials! We will be holding two socials each week for members to hang out together while we do themed activities for each day. These socials will last for one hour, but if you’re having fun, feel free to stay longer. There will be many different activities for everyone’s interests so come on out whenever you need to take a study break or want to meet new people! We hope that these socials will be a temporary replacement for us to hang out with everyone since we are unable to meet you guys individually!

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/jruUyct

Check out our Discord and the Calendar to know when we will be holding these socials. Here is a list of our activities for each day of the week!

Music Monday

Members hang out in discord lobby and play music through music bot, members share music/playlists with each other.

Cinema Tuesday

Members hang out watching Netflix together using Netflix Party or watching YouTube videos through watch2gether.

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness checkup on members to make sure they are mentally well outside of school. Open floor for members to share some struggles and achievements of past week.

Tourney Thursday

Members compete against each other through games like Among Us, Skribbl.io, Cards Against Humanity, League of Legends, Valorant, etc.

Foodie Friday

Open floor for members to hang out after week and share what you are eating/what kind of food you’ve been craving.

Cultural Saturday (CATS)

Take part in a cultural activity. (ie. learning to make boba, making cultural foods, watching anime/kdrama, drawing contest w/ cultural theme, etc.)

SASE Sunday

Open floor for members to hang out and take a break from school or spend time studying and asking for advice. Maybe monthly bigger social inviting other university SASE chapters to hang out, play some games, meet each other.

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