Hello fellow SASE members,

During this upcoming school year, we are introducing a new Dynasty/Mentorship program in SASE.

There will be 3 separate Dynasties which will act as “families” for SASE members. All members will be apart of one of the 3 dynasties. The purpose of this system is to get new and old members more comfortable with interacting with people and getting more involved in SASE. This system is also meant to promote healthy competition between members and dynasties. We also will uphold an open door policy, meaning that just because someone is in one dynasty, doesn’t mean they can’t be active with other members/dynasties. Each dynasty will have around 3-5 mentors assigned to it, with all of them having an equal amount of mentees.

  • The job of a mentor is to…
    • Be the bridge between members and SASE
    • Encourage them to come out to events and meet new people
    • Help them grow professionally and personally
    • Offer guidance and advice
    • Prepare them for professional events (I.e revise their resume, practice interviewing, etc)
    • Introduce them to other helpful resources (engineering career center, writing center, other mentors/officers)
    • Be present at all major SASE events

Being a mentor is a serious responsibility, you must be willing to set time aside to help your mentees whenever possible, and take the initiative to reach out to them if they are shy or less sociable. School work and other responsibilities are not excuses to slack off on mentorship responsibilities. Please only apply if you are determined to balance it with your other responsibilities.

Becoming a mentor is a great way to gain leadership experience, especially if you’ve never held a similar position before. You’ll learn the technical skills of what it takes to lead a group, plan events, and communicate with others. It will also improve organizational skills, time management, creativity, and patience when working with others. You will be able to help others who are facing the same challenges you’ve experienced as a freshman and potentially create lifelong bonds with your mentees.

Think you’re up for it? APPLY HERE